Just for the Weekend


Teresa needs a fake boyfriend to take to a wedding in her hometown. A mere date just won’t be enough to stop the maid of honor’s painful matchmaking.

No problem. Evan, her longtime neighbor and friend, is happy to help. The night before the wedding, they do a great job of pretending they’re together. Such a great job, Teresa even convinces herself that she finds him attractive. She doesn’t plan on doing anything about it, but the motel room only has one bed…and now they’re friends who have sex.

Then Evan screws it all up and confesses he’s in love with her. Teresa doesn’t believe her lack of feelings for him will ever change, no matter how good the sex is. Everything’s weird now, and she’s pissed at him for ruining their friendship.

And she’s even more pissed when he accidentally upgrades himself to fake fiancé. She can’t believe everyone’s buying his proposal story, though she has to admit it’s adorable. But soon she’ll have to break off her fake engagement, news of which has already started to spread. Now she’s mad at the fake fiancé she can’t resist and losing track of the lies they’ve told–and the wedding hasn’t even started.

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Not Just a Friend (Toronto #3)


Maya Gregory’s dating history is just depressing. Four years after seeing her ex-fiancé’s face on the front page of the paper, she’s finally ready to try again. Her first date? A former financial analyst who now makes pretentious art out of microwaves and kitchen waste. Ugh. Where are the normal guys?

Maya’s only ever been close to one guy who didn’t turn out to be a loser. Math teacher Liam Foster. Her friend. And for the past year… her friend with benefits.

Liam had a crush on Maya when they sat beside each other in calculus. But being the nerdy outcast in high school, he didn’t think he had a chance with her back then, and his feelings for her disappeared long ago. However, when she starts dating again, Liam is consumed with jealousy—and it’s not just because he’s worried about losing his regular sex partner.

Cynical and sarcastic, Maya is a lot different from the girl he once loved. But maybe he wants her for himself after all. If only he can convince the woman who’s ready to give up on love yet again that they can have more than friendship…

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An Unexpected Night (Romance on the Go)


Danielle hasn’t had sex in a long time. Her friend Adam hasn’t had sex in a really long time. So it’s a sensible idea to sleep together, right? It’s the simple solution to both their problems.

Of course, that simple solution might make everything weird and awkward and ruin their friendship. Or it could be amazing. And maybe it could turn into something more…


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Not a Second Chance (Toronto #2)


When Allison runs into her ex-boyfriend at Temptations Bakery, all she wants is a brief catch-up. Nothing more. The man royally pisses her off, and she can barely stand five minutes with him. Though Sidney has gotten more attractive in the past ten years, and she’s having a bit of a dry spell…

Sidney has no plans to win Allison back. Not the woman who just saw him as a fun distraction and dumped him right before she moved across the country for grad school. But he wouldn’t be opposed to an hour in bed.

Unfortunately, they don’t even make it to bed before Allison’s friends interrupt. When Kristy bets they wouldn’t be able to spend a weekend together without stabbing each other, Allison and Sidney accept the bet—they don’t like being told they can’t do something.

Now it’s more than five minutes of catching up—it’s forty-eight hours of torture. And sex. Can they do it? And will this lead to the second chance neither of them wants?

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Impossible Stranger


Every morning, Jaime sees a handsome man waiting for the subway. Every evening, he stars in her most embarrassing fantasies. Unlike her, he looks like he’s in control of his life and has everything figured out. And that’s how he acts in her fantasies, too.

She never expects him to be more than a stranger, but one day he introduces himself. Marc has noticed her looking at him, and he asks her to meet that night. Even though she’s never done anything like this before, Jaime can’t resist.

One night of passion turns into a weekend. And after Marc’s kisses and touches—and all the things that are no longer just fantasies—Jaime wants it to be more. Even though he says it’s just one weekend.

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Not For Me (Toronto #1)

Not For Me-600x800

She’s found the perfect guy … for her best friend.
He’s found the woman of his dreams … but she’s trying to fix him up with someone else!

Kristy meets Grant in a bookstore and decides he’s just the right guy … for her close friend Maya. Certainly not for herself. No, Kristy just got out of a relationship, and Grant is totally not her type. She’s usually into hipsters, not big, quiet, mustached engineers.

But before Kristy sets him up with her friend, she wants to spend some time with him to be sure he’s a good guy. Maya has been reluctant to date since discovering her ex-fiancé was a drug dealer.

Grant is totally smitten with Kristy, but she’s determined to set him up with someone else. He goes along with her plan so he can spend more time with her. They go out for dinner together. He cooks for her. She even meets his parents. In fact, she seems to be inventing excuses to see him, though she’s still convinced he’s perfect for her friend. But somehow, he’s going to change her mind about that…

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