Just for the Weekend

Teresa needs a fake boyfriend to take to a wedding in her hometown. A mere date just won’t be enough to stop the maid of honor’s painful matchmaking.

No problem. Evan, her longtime neighbor and friend, is happy to help. The night before the wedding, they do a great job of pretending they’re together. Such a great job, Teresa even convinces herself that she finds him attractive. She doesn’t plan on doing anything about it, but the motel room only has one bed…and now they’re friends who have sex.

Then Evan screws it all up and confesses he’s in love with her. Teresa doesn’t believe her lack of feelings for him will ever change, no matter how good the sex is. Everything’s weird now, and she’s pissed at him for ruining their friendship.

And she’s even more pissed when he accidentally upgrades himself to fake fiancé. She can’t believe everyone’s buying his proposal story, though she has to admit it’s adorable. But soon she’ll have to break off her fake engagement, news of which has already started to spread. Now she’s mad at the fake fiancé she can’t resist and losing track of the lies they’ve told–and the wedding hasn’t even started.